The following is a complete episode list for Doogie Howser, M.D., including descriptions, given in broadcast order. There are a total of 97 episodes produced and broadcasted among its four seasons.

Season 1


Ep # Code Title Airdate
1 1.01 Pilot September 19, 1989
Doogie takes the test to get his driver's license.
2 1.02 The Ice Queen Cometh September 20, 1989
The beautiful new chief of radiology wants Doogie's genes.
3 1.03 A Stitch Called Wanda September 27, 1989
Doogie performs an operation in violation of hospital policy.
4 1.04 Frisky Business October 4, 1989
Doogie throws a party when his parents go away for the weekend.
5 1.05 The Short Goodbye October 11, 1989
Doogie decides to rent an apartment.
6 1.06 Simply Irresistible October 18, 1989
Doogie considers an offer from an upscale Brentwood hospital.
7 1.07 Vinnie Video Vici October 25, 1989
The hospital agrees to let Vinnie film a documentary about Doogie.
8 1.08 Blood and Remembrance November 1, 1989
Doogie's relationship with Wanda comes under strain.
9 1.09 She Ain't Heavy, She's My Cousin November 8, 1989
Doogie treats a patient who is obsessed with her appearance.
10 1.10 My Old Man and the Sea November 15, 1989
Doogie goes on a fishing trip with his dad.
11 1.11 Tonight's the Night November 22, 1989
At the hospital, Doogie treats a 17-year old girl who gives birth and then abandons the baby.
12 1.12 Every Dog Has His Doogie November 29, 1989
Doogie operates on a dog using hospital resources.
13 1.13 Doogie the Red-Nosed Reindeer December 13, 1989
Doogie is forced to work a shift on Christmas Eve.
14 1.14 Greed Is Good January 3, 1990
Doogie goes on a game-show for geniuses.
15 1.15 Attack of the Green-Eyed Monster January 10, 1990
Doogie's parents stop talking to each other over a problem with flirting.
16 1.16 It Ain't Over Till Mrs. Howser Sings January 17, 1990
Doogie's mom takes a new job singing at a nightclub.
17 1.17 Tough Guys Don't Teach January 31, 1990
Doogie goes back to high school to teach sex education.
18 1.18 I Never Sold Shower Heads for My Father February 7, 1990
Vinnie's is reluctant to go into the family business.
19 1.19 Doogie's Awesome, Excellent Adventure February 14, 1990
Doogie gets new cool friends and forgets about Vinnie.
20 1.20 Use a Slurpy, go to Jail February 28, 1990
Doogie and Vinnie are held hostage in a convenience store.
21 1.21 Whose Mid-Life Crisis Is It Anyway? March 14, 1990
Doogie's dad decides to quit his medical practice.
22 1.22 Vinnie's Blind Date March 21, 1990
Vinnie romances a blind girl that Doogie introduced him to at the hospital.
23 1.23 And the Winner Is... March 28, 1990
Doogie and Jack hear a rumor that they are in the running for Resident of the Year.
24 1.24 Breaking Up Is Hard to Doogie April 4, 1990
Realizing that his relationship with Wanda has stalled, Doogie ponders whether to break it off.
25 1.25 The Grass Ain't Always Greener April 25, 1990
Fresh off his breakup with Wanda, Doogie scores a date with a Lakers cheerleader.
26 1.26 Frankly, My Dear, I Don't Give a Grand May 2, 1990
Vinnie comes down with tonsillitis.

Season 2


Ep # Code Title Airdate
27 2.01 Doogenstein September 12, 1990
Doogie discovers that he is missing out on his life because of his job.
28 2.02 Guess Who's Coming to Doogie's September 19, 1990
Doogie invites an ex-gang member to dinner and gets him a job at the hospital.
29 2.03 Ask Dr. Doogie September 26, 1990
Doogie becomes famous after he appears in public service announcements.
30 2.04 C'est la Vinnie October 3, 1990
Vinnie ends up stuck in an elevator with his pregnant French teacher.
31 2.05 Car Wars October 10, 1990
Doogie argues with his dad over whether he can buy a 1957 Chevy convertible.
32 2.06 Doogie Sings the Blues October 17, 1990
Doogie treats Blind Otis Lemon, a legendary blues player.
33 2.07 Academia Nuts October 24, 1990
Vinnie decides to drop out of high school.
34 2.08 Revenge of the Teenage Dead October 31, 1990
Doogie assesses a 13-year old prodigy to determine if he is a good candidate for medical school.
35 2.09 Nautilus for Naught November 7, 1990
The hospital holds its annual bachelor auction with Doogie participating for the first time.
36 2.10 Don't Let the Turkeys Get You Down November 14, 1990
Katherine's parents come to visit for Thanksgiving which causes tension with David.
37 2.11 Oh Very Young November 28, 1990
Doogie is chosen as one of five doctors to work with a highly-respected reconstructive surgeon.
38 2.12 TV or Not TV December 5, 1990
Vinnie poses as an orderly to try and meet the head of ABC television who is staying at the hospital.
39 2.13 A Woman Too Far December 12, 1990
Doogie is attracted to a nursing student who he asks out behind Wanda's back.
40 2.14 Presumed Guilty January 2, 1991
Vinnie takes Doogie's car out for a spin, it gets smashed by a falling piano.
41 2.15 To Live and Die in Brentwood January 9, 1991
When her mother dies in a car accident, Wanda keeps her distance from Doogie.
42 2.16 Air Doogie January 23, 1991
Doogie fakes an injury so he doesn't have to play in an exhibition basketball game.
43 2.17 A Life in Progress January 30, 1991
An artist with AIDS is hired to decorate a mural inside the children's center.
44 2.18 My Two Dads February 6, 1991
Vinnie convinces Doogie and his dad to take him on their annual fishing trip.
45 2.19 Nobody Expects the Spanish Inquisition February 13, 1991
Doogie tells a couple with a family history of miscarriages that they're having a baby.
46 2.20 Fatal Distraction February 20, 1991
Still grieving over the death of her mother, Wanda has no time to go out with Doogie.
47 2.21 The Doctor, the Wife, her Son and the Job March 13, 1991
Doogie's mom takes a job as a patient advocate at the hospital.
48 2.22 Planet of the Dateless March 20, 1991
Doogie desperately scrambles to get a date for the Eastman dance.
49 2.23 Doogie's Wager April 3, 1991
Vinnie is nervous about possibly not getting accepted into film school.
50 2.24 A Kiss Ain't Just a Kiss April 24, 1991
Problems are bound to occur when Doogie kisses Janine.
51 2.25 Dances with Wanda May 1, 1991
Vinnie and Janine convince Doogie to ask Wanda to the prom.

Season 3


Ep # Code Title Airdate
52 3.01 The Summer of '91 September 25, 1991
Doogie is unhappy about still being a virgin.
53 3.02 Doogie Has Left the Building: Part 1 October 2, 1991
Doogie ponders a decision affecting the life of a young patient.
54 3.03 Doogie Has Left the Building: Part 2 October 9, 1991
Life at Doogie and Vinnie's pad resembles one big beer commercial.
55 3.04 It's a Damm Shaman October 16, 1991
A Laotian family's religious beliefs jeopardize Doogie's care of a disabled youth.
56 3.05 The Cheese Stands Alone 23 October 23, 1991
A seductive classmate proves tempting to Vinnie.
57 3.06 Lonesome Doog October 30, 1991
Wanda comes home from art school and strikes up several new friendships.
58 3.07 When Doogie Comes Marching Home November 13, 1991
Doogie plays a Civil War doctor as he and Vinnie collaborate on a screenplay.
59 3.08 Doogstruck November 20, 1991
While driving to visit Wanda, Doogie's car breaks down in the desert—where he meets a soul mate.
60 3.09 Room and Broad November 27, 1991
Doogie's parents want him to pay room and board.
61 3.10 Doogiesomething December 4, 1991
Doogie and Wanda's efforts to be friends are tested.
62 3.11 Truth and Consequences December 11, 1991
Doogie takes a liking to a librarian only after he learns she's scheduled for plastic surgery.
63 3.12 It's a Wonderful Laugh December 18, 1991
Doogie discovers the healing power of laughter after an argument with Vinnie.
64 3.13 Dangerous Reunions January 8, 1992
Katherine relives the past with her visiting first love.
65 3.14 Mummy Dearest January 22, 1992
The examination of a mummy brings rumblings of a curse from the staff.
66 3.15 Double Doogie with Cheese February 5, 1992
Vinnie bets that Doogie can't last in a "mindless" fast-food job.
67 3.16 The Show Mustn't Go On February 12, 1992
An egotistical actor observes Doogie's hospital procedures to give his TV series a shot in the arm.
68 3.17 If This Is Adulthood, I'd Rather Be in Philadelphia February 19, 1992
Doogie discovers what Cecilia has been hiding—a 4-year-old son.
69 3.18 What You See Ain't Necessarily What You Get March 11, 1992
After taking Spaulding out for her 30th birthday, Doogie wonders about a future with her.
70 3.19 My Father, My Self March 19, 1992
Doogie considers a career specialty.
71 3.20 Educating Janine April 1, 1992
Janine's parents split a seam when Janine forsakes college for a job in fashion.
72 3.21 Sons of the Desert April 22, 1992
Doogie considers a fellowship in trauma surgery.
73 3.22 That's What Friends Are For April 29, 1992
Doogie is anything but popular after he encourages Wanda to accept her dad's new gal.
74 3.23 Thanks for the Memories May 6, 1992
Cherished memories get lost in the aging process for a patient who relies on Doogie to help him remember.
75 3.24 Club Medicine May 13, 1992
Doogie and his dad spend a father-son trip at a Honduran operating theater.

Season 4


Ep # Code Title Airdate
76 4.01 There's a Riot Going On September 23, 1992
The 1992 L.A. riots find trauma surgeon Doogie overwhelmed.
77 4.02 Look Ma, No Pants September 30, 1992
Katherine can't stop playing mother to Doogie.
78 4.03 Doogie Got a Gun October 7, 1992
Doogie considers buying a gun, but he's haunted by memories of shooting victims he's treated.
79 4.04 Doogie Doesn't Live Here Anymore October 14, 1992
Doogie buys a run-down Venice loft, angering his father, who wanted him to buy a condo.
80 4.05 The Patient in Spite of Himself October 21, 1992
A med-school project has Doogie and a fellow doctor posing as patients.
81 4.06 To Err Is Human, to Give Up Isn't a Bad Idea October 28, 1992
Doogie faces his first solo surgery.
82 4.07 Doogie, Can You Hear Me? November 4, 1992
A hearing-impaired patient charms Doogie, who speaks her language by signing.
83 4.08 Nothing Compares 2 U November 11, 1992
Doogie's ego takes a beating when a winsome nurse chooses Vinnie over him.
84 4.09 Do the Right Thing...If You Can Figure Out What It Is November 18, 1992
Doogie must choose the best candidate for a heart transplant.
85 4.10 The Big Sleep...Not! November 25, 1992
Doogie holes up at the hospital on Thanksgiving Eve for some R&R.
86 4.11 Will the Real Dr. Howser Please Stand Up December 9, 1992
Doogie spots evidence of child abuse when his dad's friend brings in his injured son for care.
87 4.12 The Mother of All Fishing Trips December 16, 1992
Doogie's mom takes Doogie fishing when Dr. Howser throws his back out.
88 4.13 Roommate with a View December 30, 1992
Doogie learns a lesson about trusting the unknown from a free-spirited model sharing his loft.
89 4.14 Spell It "M-A-N" January 6, 1993
A nurse Doogie's dating retaliates against his braggadocio by spreading rumors about him.
90 4.15 It's a Tough Job...But Why Does My Father Have to Do It? January 13, 1993
Doogie's dad is asked to replace a doctor who expired while on duty.
91 4.16 The Adventures of Sherlock Howser January 20, 1993
Doogie as Sherlock Holmes and Vinnie as Dr. Watson play out Doogie's confusion over Michele.
92 4.17 Love Means Constantly Having to Say You're Sorry January 27, 1993
Laura makes Vinnie feel he's "become a man," but he reacts with jealousy to men around her.
93 4.18 You've Come a Long Way, Babysitter February 3, 1993
Some things are better left unexplored, like Doogie's crush on his old baby sitter.
94 4.19 Love Makes the World Go 'Round...or Is It Money? February 24, 1993
A deposit error dumping $16,000 in Vinnie's account tests his integrity.
95 4.20 Dorky Housecall, M.D. March 10, 1993
Doogie bemoans his friendship-only status with Michele.
96 4.21 Eleven Angry People...and Vinnie March 17, 1993
Jury member Vinnie tries to look beyond the letter of the law.
97 4.22 What Makes Doogie Run March 24, 1993
Doogie sees his genius as a curse and seeks inspiration outside the world of medicine.



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